Corfe Castle today...


"The Keys to Corfe Castle" is not your ordinary historical romance novel

although there is plenty of history and a warm touch of romance. In an age of Knights and Castles the starring warrior is ...well... a "Lady!" A very real Lady Mary Hawtrey Bankes inspired a war-weary nation, including even her foes, with her spirited defense of the Castle her husband, a Knight, gave her when England's world turned upside down 400 years ago. 

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Four-hundred-year-old portrait of Lady Mary Hawtrey Bankes  by an unknown artist.  On display at Sudbury Hall, United Kingdom titled “Unknown Lady.”  Final editing by the author exposed a previously invisible inscription clearly identifying this portrait to be “Lady Mary Bankes,, Mother of Lady Alice Borlase”  ( TheNational Trust has not yet corroborated this new identification.)

(Images from National Trust of the United Kingdom)

From a wall decoration of the old time Dorsey exhibition at Wimborne. United Kingdom